Choose Hayden Water Wells for Well Drilling and Boring in Southern Ontario

When you choose Hayden Water Wells to drill, bore, or install new pumps for your well, you’ll benefit from the work of licensed professionals. Our drilling and boring services in  all of Southern Ontario are customized to meet your unique circumstances. Contact us for an estimate.

Our Services

When you call to schedule any of our services, you can inquire about our specialties which include:

 Rotary Drilled 6”-10” Heavy Wall Steel-cased Wells: These wells are installed at a minimum depth for fresh, quality water. We use full 6-inch heavy wall, stainless steel, Johnson screens for the highest flow rates in gravel and sand.

 Canadian-made Steel Casing: Provides longevity and quality in bedrock wells.

 Boring: These auger-drilled 30” C.S.A. approved fibreglass-cased wells go down as far as 100 feet to find the best water source available in difficult areas and avoid sulphur water.

Need More Water?

Whether you need it for residential, farming, irrigation, or commercial use, we can help.

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